With the quality and environmental conscious instilled in every step of the management system, beginning with the development process, production process right through to delivery to our customers, our company strives to conform to the internationally accepted standards of quality management system. ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001 through

Quality Policy

• Complied Product

• Fast Service

• For Customer Confidence

• Unite to Conserve Environment

Quality Policy

Complied product

The Company intend to produce products and services that meet the requirements and standard of customer

Fast Services

The Company is responding to customer problem quickly

The Company intend to deliver the products to customers on schedule

Customer Confidence

The Company will maintain product and service quality standards and resolve complaints from customers successfully and quickly.

The company intend to continually improve products and process to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness.

Unite to Conserve Environment

The Company policy is to cooperate with government agencies and IEAT to conserve energy and other natural resources including preservation of environment from the impact of our products and processes.